Jonny Lee miller in CBS Watch magazine. Sorry for the crappy scans…I’m waiting for my digital copy of the magazine to come out and will post the High Res pics then! Enjoy!

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You can’t promise that.

And yet I have.

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Jonny Lee Miller in CBS Watch! Magazine - black and white version.

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Two more pics from CBS Watch! Magazine August Issue.  (These are my own scans; please do not post to your non-Tumblr site without asking first. Thanks!)

For those who have asked, I don’t know where this magazine is sold.  I’ve never seen it in the stores.    I started receiving it in the mail about 6 months ago…still not sure why.   You can order it online via subscription.  

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Guys, i believe it was the wrong Holmes and Watson

They are filming Elementary outside my mums work not Sherlock haha

still, LUCY LIU mmmm :)

Oh no, this is the RIGHT Holmes and Watson! :-)  

God bless the kind soul (and their mother) who posted this!  Love getting a look at Joan’s first kickass outfit of S2!

I’m crying, I miss them.

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"I’m a diva"


"he’s a shameless diva."